Jerome – 350 not out

Celebrating 350 appearances for FC by Jerome Wright

Celebrating 350 appearances for FC by Jerome Wright

We were told at the start of FC not to get too attached to players as they would come and go. Jerome Wright has actually done that with his brief move to Chester. Nevertheless he has served the club tirelessly, played in numerous positions and has always had a lot of time for the fans. It doesnt go unnoticed when he is the player who has regularly turned up to fan Events or Meetings. It’s also greatly appreciated when, if he isnt playing, he will often stand with the fans.

One of the greats! Well in Jerome!


Tories off our pitch

FCUM oppose Tories

FCUM oppose Tories

Last month seems so long ago, but the banner is worth noting. The Conservative Party had held their annual conference in Manchester, and had faced strong opposition from locals. Many FC United fans, whether in organised groups or attending independently took part. It was therefore extremely disappointing when FC Uniteds PR people allowed a Tory MP to appear with staff on the pitch at Broadhurst Park. The MP in question had actively opposed proposed legislation around responsible ownership in football, making him an extremely unfitting guest. FC as a club relies on grants, some of which will be awarded by the current Government. We therefore have a duty to be unbiased in terms of party politics. This doesnt however cover photo-ops. Likewise just because the club has to play along, doesnt mean we, as fans, must. In other words, fuck the Tories.

What a year…

The Giddys or GDS have been going for a while now, but this was the season where things really came together.  No longer a few lads and lasses maybe doing a banner, but a decent sized group having a great time travelling around the country together, with a few decent sized tifos to boot.

And thats just the group.  Getting promoted in time to play in our brand new ground wasnt bad either!

Click on the link to see some of the Highlights…